What is the Pursue Your Passion Tour?

The Pursue Your Passion tour aims to teach and educate students in new ways! Learn about the effects of cannabis on cognitive performance, especially during the formative years of brain development.


reaction Wall

On our reaction wall, students will be able to test their dexterity, concentration and focus to see how quickly they're able to respond.


360° Brain

Explore the different areas of the brain to learn how each part helps us all to function each and every day. Through this experience, students can learn the facts on how cannabis affects each area of this vital organ, and what could potentially happen long-term.
Try out 360° Brain for yourself.

The 360º Brain is a great resource! There’s more information in it than previous resources my grade 12’s would be exposed to. The information is readable and clear. I’m sure I’ll have some questions tomorrow, but I’m glad my class got to take part in this
— Teacher - St. Francis Xavier High School, Edmonton
VR Shot.jpg


Step into our VR world where students will see how cannabis use affects their health and their ability to carry out tasks. It will be hard to ignore the difference it will make to their coordination, memory, and attention.

I love that I can experience the VR, makes me so much more aware of the negative side effects that cannabis has on your brain and body.
— Jelena, 16 - Lillian Osborne High School, Edmonton
_Digital Graffiti Wall 01.jpg

Graffiti Wall – A Digital Experience

Students have the ability to get hands-on with visual art and graffiti, without the mess of spray-paint. Design a drawing with no limits and take a picture with it


Sonic Table – Errorless Music Production

Always dreamed of headlining a festival? Don’t know where to start? Visit our Sonic Table where the complexities of music production have been taken away. Fly solo or get some friends involved & create your own viral hit.

I actually really love making music and singing! That’s what I’m passionate about so it was cool to play with the pads as well as see what chemicals in my head make me feel good.
— Michelle, 16 - Dartmouth High School, Dartmouth, NS


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