This year, the Government of Canada is sending a team of Information Ambassadors to schools across Canada to help youth pursue their passion, without the use of cannabis.

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I knew cannabis can affect my coordination when playing football but I didn’t know it affects so many other parts of my brain. It really makes you think if it’s worth it.
— Mark, 14. Harbor View High School, Saint John, NB

What to expect from the Pursue Your Passion Tour

We use custom created experiences that are designed to provide an engaging and stimulating environment where youth learn specifically about how cannabis can affect the brain, and how they can find real life options that offer them similar highs to cannabis, without the risk.

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I didn’t know the brain was so complex and so many different areas could be impacted. It makes you think of all the different risks that I hadn’t considered
— Sarah, 16. Colonel Gray High School, Charlottetown, PEI

pursue your passion - summer 2018 tour

Summer 2018 saw the #PursueYourPassion tour travel across Canada visiting family friendly and open access events to speak directly with youth on the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle, and how these are possibly affected by cannabis use. Take a look at our video to learn more!

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"We are really excited to be part of this tour and have the opportunity to engage with youth and discuss some of the potential side effects of cannabis use, as well as the value in a healthy lifestyle"

Martina & Ryan, Information Ambassadors